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Patent-Pending Audio-Beacon Technology

Q Raider offers a communications protocol that can synchronize and/or relay data to devices through a variety of broadcast media, including radio and television. This data-over-audio method uses sound waves in a similar way to how Bluetooth employs electromagnetic waves, offering an alternative method of relaying data for both iOS and Android. Advantages include:

• No reliance on a data connection, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or cellular service.

• Ability to relay data to devices through television broadcasts or any other sound-based media.

• Ability to synchronize devices at nearly the speed of sound.


Q Raider Lights


Proud Partners With:


  • Placeholder Brian Morgan Assistant Athletic Director “It was a great pleasure to work with Q Raider on a recent project. They were able to turn around our lights app in record time, for a game where we had the 7th largest crowd in Marquette Basketball history, 19,043. The impact of the lights during the intros at this game was tremendous. Everyone was talking about it, fans, coaches, players and media all were blown away by the visual effects. We look forward to working with them in the future and creating an even better impact during those games!”
  • Placeholder Brian Hardin Marquette Deputy Athletics Director (In response to an inquiry) “The company we partnered with was Q Raider and they were very helpful. We had a wonderful experience and will be using them again next year. Our fans LOVED the use of the app and we have had other pro sports teams reach out to us about it after seeing our video.” Contact us